effective fat dissolving solution

Solution Essence

S-Line Solution Essence is an effective fat dissolving solution to the face and body (thigs, legs etc.)

Its special ingredients that help to dissolve fats are wheat germ and lecithin (in stabilised states and directly imported from the US). With the combination of centella asiatica extract, salvia miltiorrhiza root extract and chamomile recutita extract, S-Line Solution Essence offers clients a safe and effective method of dissolving fats.



The A CELLEXIT BL, composed of Sodium Deoxycholate 10ml/mL, is indicated for the non-surgical reduction of fat deposits located under the skin that are resistant to diet and exercise.

It works by causing the breakdown of fat cells in the human body. It contains bile acid that destabilize and destroy the fat cells. Following that, they are excreted through the kidneys.

The results of the treatment using The A CELLEXIT BL are permanent under the condition that you maintain your weight through adequate exercise and healthy diet. Once the destroyed fat cells have been processed through your body’s lymphatic system, they do not reappear, thus making The A CELLEXIT BL a highly effective slimming treatment.


DeFat Solution​

DeFat Solution is composed of Deoxycholic Acid 10mg/mL, and is extremely effective in dissolving fat cells.
Through adipolysis and lipolysis, it gives a permanent effect as the dissolved fat cells will not be regenerated, but instead be replaced by collagen. There will be no rebound phenomenon, as the accumulated fat cells will be ultimately eliminated as the residue of destroyed fat cells are consumed by cells such as phagocyte and discharged by urination.

DeFat Solution contains non-animal and non-human deoxycholic acid, and its source materials are approved by the United States FDA.